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Rental Gear

Rental packages come with all the equipment you need to play paintball.

Each package includes:

  • Paintball Gun
  • Adjustable Mask with Visor
  • 20oz CO2 Tank
  • 200 Round Hopper
  • Foldable Squeegee to clean your barrel
  • Microfiber Cloth to clean your mask
  • Barrel Protector

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Tippmann 98 Custom

Known for its reliabilty and toughness, the Tippmann 98 Custom is a great paintball gun or the beginning to intermediate player. Its forward stock allows for a comforatble feel while still allowing multiple rounds per second to be shot.

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Spyder Victor

The Spyder Victor is a small, light, fast paintball gun that is ideal for someone who doesn't want to carry much weight but still wants to shoot in a hurry. It's compact size makes it ideal to hide behind bunkers and its double-trigger insures a fast rate of fire.

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The Pursuit Combat System US-5 is a tough gun desgined for hard play. It is very adabtable to different playing styles with an adjustable foregrip and a top-mounted sight.

We also rent out numerous other makes and models of guns. Please contact us to learn what guns are available to rent.
To schedule a rental, please contact us.