Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only rent paintball equipment for people to use on their own land.  If you are interested in a field, there are several in the Columbus area where you can both rent paintball equipment and play on their fields with trained referees.  Splatter Park is located in Mt. Gilead about 45 minutes north of town, Land Paintball is on the Southeast side and Fran Bar Paintball is in Pataskala.

We are located one mile west of downtown Columbus.  We are a home-based business and prefer to give out our address only when we schedule times for people to come and rent paintball equipment.

Email or call us and schedule a rental.  We will arrange a time when you can come and pick up the equipment.

We do through PayPal and Google checkout.

We require a deposit of $50 per gun or else we make a copy of your driver’s license.  Most people choose to have us make a copy of their driver’s license.

You must be 18 to rent paintball equipment.  Once the equipment is rented you can let younger children play with the equipment, but they are under the supervision of whoever rents the gear.  We recommend that children be at least 10 before they play paintball.

The simple answer is that it depends on a lot of things.  In colder weather you will get fewer shots and the faster you shoot, the fewer shots will you get.  Also, different guns (even if they are the same make and model) will get different numbers of shots.  To estimate how many shots you will get, based on normal play, plan on getting at least 300 shots from a 9oz tank, 400 from a 12oz and 600 from a 20oz.  These numbers are on the low end as we have seen nearly 500 shots from a 9oz and over a 1000 from a 20oz.

This varies considerably based on each person.  Some players will shoot A rough idea is to plan on having 500 paintballs per person per 3 hours that you plan on playing (including down time between games).

A little bit.  Depending on how close you are, getting hit by a paintball can result in a bruise or small welt.  Often getting hit will not leave any mark other than paint.  Most people choose to play paintball with long sleeves and long pants, but some people do just fine in shorts and t-shirts.

Generally, they don’t.  We have never seen a paintball stain trees, rocks or masonry and all marks will typically be gone after one rainstorm.  We have seen paintballs stain some white fabrics but never dark clothing.